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Logical code navigation.
Vim lets you do things like "delete all the code between these two curly braces" or "move to the first % in this line".
Compatible with VS Code.
We hear you, you love VS Code. (So do we 🤫). Vim can be used with VS Code to give you the best of both worlds.
It's just plain fun
Flying through code with Vim is like flying through the air with a jetpack. It just feels good.

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    • How have I overlooked VIm for so long 😍✨.@KennethCassel's course is awesome. Adding a run of all exercises to my daily routine.

      Gui Bibeau
      Staff Engineer @ Consensys
    • @KennethCassel Bought it 🤣. I have to admit I only know 2% of VIM commands to change system configs from time to time. This would help me rely less on mouse/touchpad.

      Terry Xu
      Founder @ Cuely
    • Do you want to be able to code from the terminal? 🖥 Learn how to use Vim with the vim.so course! 🤓 The latest FastAPI Gold Sponsor! 🎉🥇 It also counts as therapy if your last experience with Vim required unplugging your computer just to close it. 😅🔥

      Sebastián Ramírez
      Creator of FastAPI
    • I've been using vim for over 5 years now but trying out vim.so shows how many little shortcuts there are that I hadn't stumbled across. Love the interactivity for learning this kind of stuff, good job and thank you @KennethCassel!

      Matt Antley
      Senior Platform Engineer @ Capgemini
    • @KennethCassel Huge fan! I know my Vim, but need to improve my skills a bit :)

      Chris Lu
      Founder @ copy.ai
    • You're 🔥 Kenneth! I bought it, and hope to master vim as you unlock more 🔒. What's your next? Emacs, Linux CLI, Github? 🤔

      Damon Chen
      Founder @ testimonial.to

Try it out yourself!

Here's a short taste of the exercise format we use in learnvim


Your goal is to navigate to the red highlighted characters that are typo's and delete them one by one.

First, enter Normal mode by pressing the ESC key. Use the h j k and l keys to place your cursor over the character, and then press the x key to delete the typo.

Current Attempt (s)

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Why should I pay for this when (insert X vim reference) is free?

      I spent a ton of time fumbling around trying to learn vim before it ever stuck. It came down to muscle memory. Once I got to the point where I was comfortable navigating, it was easy to keep it as a habit. learnvim helps you do that easier than reading reference material.

    • What will I learn?

      You will learn the 80/20 of getting things done in vim. This is a concise course on purpose to get you comfortable enough to start your vim journey

    • Will there be more lessons?

      Probably not, this course is designed to be concise enough to get you comfortable navigating with vim, but not so long that you get bored.

    • I already know vim, but I want to learn more advanced features. Can you help?

      While we do touch briefly on some more advanced topics, this course is more aimed at people getting comfortable with vim for the first time.

    • How many lessons are there?

      There are 10 interactive lessons.

    • What if I don't like it?

      If you're not happy with learnvim, shoot us an email, and we'll refund your money.

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